X-Message-Number: 668
From:  (David Lubkin)
Date: Wed, 4 Mar 92 13:32:32 EST
Subject: [POSTING] Suicide

1.  Yesterday the New Hampshire House considered a measure that would have 
    allowed doctor-assisted suicides.  You'd need to be examined by a second 
    physician with specific experience treating your condition, and the 
    whole thing would pass through a medicoethic review board.  They voted 
    to return it to committee.  Too shocking for an election year, I suppose.

    I'm going to write to my rep and our two Libertarian reps and let them 
    know I support the measure.

2.  It occurs to me that our friend Thomas and people in a similar situation
    might be able to find a state, or county, for that matter, where suicides
    are not autopsied, say if a note was left, and go out there with an Alcor
    team.  Has anyone looked into this?

-- David Lubkin

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