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Subject: CRYONICS: Re: #664: Brain suspension
From:  (Edgar W. Swank)
Date: Wed, 04 Mar 92 12:57:59 PST

This is in response to Max More's inquiry in Msg #659
about Brain Suspensions.

Q. How much additional delay before freezing resulted from the need to
   remove the brain from the skull?

A. A skilled pathologist is required to remove the brain (without
   damaging it) as opposed to just severing the head.  In the case of
   Jerry White's mother, with the last-minute nature of the
   arrangements, the patient was held at ice-point about 6 hrs awaiting
   arrival of the pathologist.  The actual brain removal procedure only
   took a few minutes.  The few minutes is a realistic estimate for
   delay when adequate advance arrangements are made. This delay
   should be balanced against the better exposure to cryoprotectant
   made possible by exposure of brain surface.

Q. How is the brain to be protected from mechanical injury in the
   absence of the skull?

A. Jerry White has created a container which was used for his mother
   and is likely to be used in future brain suspension cases. It
   consists of a common plastic airtight food container (like
   TupperWare) into which the brain is placed surrounded and cushioned
   by cryoprotectant fluid. This in turn is placed inside a metal
   cylinder with removable metal disks closing off the ends.

If Alcor can't or won't do a brain suspension for you, I suggest you
contact Trans-Time.  Trans-Time already separately prices most of its
services and does not require that you buy a "package".  So I would
think you could arrange for Trans-Time to do your perfusion and brain
removal and packaging and that Alcor could still do your long-term
storage if you desired.  Of course, you would have to negotiate with
Alcor for an adjustment in their price.

You can reach Trans-Time President Art Quaife via E-mail at

  Art Quaife           <>

 (Edgar W. Swank)
SPECTROX SYSTEMS +1.408.252.1005  Silicon Valley, Ca

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