X-Message-Number: 6700
Date: Tue, 6 Aug 1996 11:53:43 -0400 (EDT)
From: Charles Platt <>
Subject: Extravagant Gestures

Steve Bridge of Alcor writes:

> 3.  Money from cryonics organizations put into Prometheus may be coming 
> out of funds that are needed for other projects.  This would certainly be 
> true of Alcor's own money; and might be true of at least some of the 
> donations that (under Paul's plan) would be given to Alcor for the 
> purposes of investment.  

I am very happy to see that Alcor is now being so scrupulous about using 
funds for the precise purpose that their donors intended. I wonder though 
if this is the real issue. The next para seems more to the point:

> 4.  It is not merely funds which could be misapplied to a flawed project; 
> but time, energy, and hope.  Mis-spent hope is the hardest commodity to 
> replenish, so the project must be carefully and rationally examined before 
> a huge amount of hope is expended.

True, the Prometheus Project is totally speculative and could create
disappointment. But surely, the best answer to this problem would be to
suggest modifications or improvements that would give Alcor more of a
participatory role and make the project more satisfactory from your point
of view. Paul has already shown that he is quite willing to modify his
plan in response to suggestions. 

Also, there is no real risk at present since no one is asking for money,
merely an expression of belief that reversible brain cryopreservation is
a) achievable and b) a high priority. I have seen statements from at least
one Alcor director agreeing with this, but I have not yet seen an official
expression of Alcor policy, even though many weeks have passed. 

In the most recent issue of CRYONICS magazine, Steve listed Alcor's
priorities, which placed growth, public relations, and staff salaries
above research. Therefore I am wondering if, in fact, Alcor really does
feel that achieving reversible brain cryopreservation is a high priority. 

Would a statement of policy be possible? This would help to clarify the 

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