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Date:  Wed, 07 Aug 96 14:53:08 
From: Steve Bridge <>
Subject: Reply to Charles Platt

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>From Steve Bridge, Alcor
August 7, 1996

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                 Date: Tue, 6 Aug 1996 11:53:43 -0400 (EDT)
                 From: Charles Platt <>
                 Subject: Extravagant Gestures

I had previously said:

>> 4.  It is not merely funds which could be misapplied to a flawed 
>> project; but time, energy, and hope.  Mis-spent hope is the hardest 
>> commodity to replenish, so the project must be carefully and rationally 
>> examined before a huge amount of hope is expended.

Charles replied:

>True, the Prometheus Project is totally speculative and could create
>disappointment. But surely, the best answer to this problem would be to
>suggest modifications or improvements that would give Alcor more of a
>participatory role and make the project more satisfactory from your point
>of view. Paul has already shown that he is quite willing to modify his
>plan in response to suggestions.

     As an individual, my position would be a bit different than as 
President of Alcor.  As an individual, probably even as an individual 
Alcor Director, I would be making more suggestions and comments.  Everyone 
might not handle it the same way, but that's my perception.

>Also, there is no real risk at present since no one is asking for money,
>merely an expression of belief that reversible brain cryopreservation is
>a) achievable and b) a high priority. I have seen statements from at 
>least one Alcor director agreeing with this, but I have not yet seen an 
>official expression of Alcor policy, even though many weeks have passed.

     In fact, I *did* make an official statement to that effect on behalf 
of Alcor's Directors.  See Message #6550, where Alcor said "We agree that 
research on brain cryopreservation is essential for the success of 

     Of course, agreement on a basic principle like this is not the same 
as agreeing that a particular plan is the best way to get there.  That was 
my basic point to Mr. Clark.  Alcor's Directors are still watching the 
discussion to see what more specific directions the Prometheus Program 
will take.  I can say that some Alcor Directors, including myself, are 
encouraged by many of the changes we have seen; however, the Alcor Board 
as a whole is not yet prepared to make a further public statement about 
the program.

>In the most recent issue of CRYONICS magazine, Steve listed Alcor's
>priorities, which placed growth, public relations, and staff salaries
>above research. Therefore I am wondering if, in fact, Alcor really does
>feel that achieving reversible brain cryopreservation is a high priority.

     This is a complete mischaracterization of my column (p. 8-11 in the 
2nd Quarter issue of *Cryonics*).  I listed 7 important areas in Alcor 
that need greater funding.  As should have been obvious, the areas were 
*not* listed in order of priority, but in the order that best made for a 
smooth discussion.  The reader was invited to make his or her *own* 
decision as to priority and to make directed donations accordingly.

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