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From:  (Charles Platt)
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Subject: Re: research perspective
Date: 10 Aug 1996 12:23:27 -0400
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John de Rivaz () wrote:
> No cryonics organisation that I know of pays comissions to recruiters. 

In fact CryoCare does do something like this, but has been very cautious
about selecting "recruiters." Selling cryonics is not like selling
cemetery plots; there are endlessly complex ethical, legal, and scientific
issues that the recruiter has to be familiar with, and any kind of "hard
sell" is absolutely out of the question, because we can never run the risk
of being accused that we tempted someone to part with life-savings.
Therefore, the whole idea of delegating recruitment is extremely
problematic if a cryonics organization is going to be run scrupulously. 

--Charles Platt

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