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Subject: Re: research perspective
Date: Tue, 06 Aug 1996 12:07:43 +0100
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Yes, I think this idea has much merit. If every cryonics person away from a 
cryonic centre was able to run an Omni style competition in their local 
paper even once it would have a great impact. Because it is a *local* paper 
the person would have got at least one other local person interested, and 
from the competitors' point of view the chances of winning would be higher. 
Given that CI's suspension requirements seem to be fixed, and that they 
remain so, it should be possible for trusts to grow enough to enable such 
competitions to be run from income if the trusts can be held for decades 
without drawing an income before.

In article: <4u4cuh$>   writes:
> 3. Instead of spending the money on research  directly, spend it on cryonics
> public relations and recruitment. No organization has ever had that kind of
> money for that purpose, and in my opinion it is NEARLY CERTAIN that our
> membership, and our patient population, would grow much more rapidly. This in
> turn would create potential research funding at a higher level, and might
> also, at some point, raise our political clout to the point of getting some
> government funding. It is ENTIRELY POSSIBLE
> that this allocation of funds would hold more promise than Paul's.
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