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Date: 10 Aug 96 21:27:25 GMT
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In <4ubnno$>  (Olaf Henny) writes:

>>I think Cryocare or a company loosely associated with it is involved with 
>>the Leichtenstein set-up. I have heard, however, that several US states 
>>have no rules against perpetuities.

>If that is so, I would like to hear more about it ...

>????BRIAN WOWK????

	South Dakota and Wisconsin have no rules against perpetuities,
but the taxation situation is more favorable offshore.  Almost 10 years
ago, Saul Kent and Bill Faloon established the Reanimation Foundation
in Leichtenstein to allow cryonicists with above-minimum funding to
"take it with them".  This organization is still extant, but it is
not CryoCare affiliated.  Of course, that does not stop CryoCare 
members from using it as a venue to sequester funds as long as minimum
funds are still deposited with CryoCare.

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