X-Message-Number: 673
From: Kevin Q. Brown
Subject: Reference & Introductory Messages 
Date: 16 Mar 1992

Subject: CRYONICS Reference & Introductory Messages

In addition to the normal stream of cryonics-related messages, (numbered
1, 2, 3, ..., 673, ...) the cryonics mailing list has several reference
and introductory messages numbered 0000, 0001, etc.  Whereas the normal
messages remain unchanged after posting to the cryonics mailing list,
this second set of messages may be updated frequently to keep them current.
Members of the cryonics mailing list can retrieve them by sending email
to me with a Subject line of the form:
    CRYOMSG xxx yyy zzz ... www
where "xxx", "yyy", "zzz", and "www" are message numbers.  (Message #0003
describes more advanced uses of CRYOMSG.)

Message #0000 is the directory of these frequently updated messages.
Here is what the first few lines currently look like:

  Directory of Frequently Updated Cryonics Messages   (Updated 2 March 1992)
  0000 - Directory of Frequently Updated Cryonics Messages
  0001 - Index to all cryonics mailing list messages
  0002 - Directory of cryonics mailing list subscribers
         (who requested to be listed in this directory)
  0003 - CRYOMSG archive retrieval mechanism
  0004 - List of cryonics organizations and publications
  0005 - Suggested reference messages for new subscribers
  0006 - USENET sci.med debate on "Account of a Cryonic Suspension"

Message #0001 has a one-liner description of all the 673 messages to date.
  (Size > 40K bytes.)
Message #0002 is the directory of cryonics mailing list subscribers
  (who requested to be listed in the directory).  (Size < 2.6K bytes.)
Message #0003 describes how to use the CRYOMSG automatic retrieval mechanism,
  including the advanced features.  (Size < 3.5K bytes.)
Message #0004 lists the known cryonics-related organizations and publications
  (Size < 11K bytes.)
Message #0005 is a short directory of messages useful to people new to
  cryonics (numbers 50, 157, 351, 398, and 431).
Message #0006 contains the full, almost 400K byte (!), text of the recent
  USENET sci.med cryonics debate (except for the original posting that
  started the debate, messages #601 and #602).

Notice that some of these files are quite large.  To accomodate the limits
of mail readers, networks, etc., the CRYOMSG mechanism automatically splits
large requests into several smaller files of 300 or fewer lines apiece.

Please let me know if any updates are needed for these messages.

			       Kevin Q. Brown
			       UUCP        ...att!whscad1!kqb

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