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Date:  Mon, 12 Aug 96 16:18:05 
From: Steve Bridge <>
Subject: Re: CryoNet #6730 - #6732

To CryoNet
>From Steve Bridge, Alcor
August 12, 1996

In response to:   Message #6732
                           Date: Sun, 11 Aug 1996 21:39:33 -0700
                           Subject: !!! MAKE MONEY FA$T !!!

     It's a pity that someone would spend so much time on a post 
which so completely devoid of humor, style, or usefulness.  It's even 
more of a pity that they choose to waste the time of the people on 
this list, many of whom are doing a lot of work to make progress in 

     Alcor, of course, had nothing to do with any such childish 
typing exercises (what else could it be good for?)  Whoever did it is 
a pretty sad case, with not even the wit to do decent satire nor 
enough nastiness to provoke any emotional response beyond boredom. 

     Kevin, surely there is a way to prevent anonymous posts to this 
mailing list.  My Compuserve private account is already flooded with 
anonymous mailers from people really trying to sell things.  If they 
start figuring out they can do it on CryoNet, too, the functionality 
of this list for communication (such as it is) will completely 

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