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Date: 13 Aug 96 02:09:48 EDT
From: Paul Wakfer <>
Subject: Prometheus Pledger Profile

     A poll has been taken among the pledgers to the Prometheus Project, with
respect to their status of being signed up or not signed up for
cryopreservation with some cryonics organization. This was done in order to
ascertain how much support in the form of pledges, the Project is receiving
from both among the *strictly* signed up cryonicists, and the group of
cryonics supporters and, in principle, adherents. I have always accepted
those people who agree with cryonics in principle, as "cryonicists" and
believed that they are valuable supporters of cryonics. And because of that,
I have always been annoyed at some who have seemed to imply that only those
who are actually signed up "count" or are "one of us".

     For the purposes of enumeration of this poll I have counted both
organizational pledgers as being signed up because in each case the pledge
came as a result of *someone* being signed up. On the other hand, I have
counted all those who said they were "in the process" of being signed up as
*not* signed up. I have known of many cases where people are "in the process"
for several years.

     So here are the results:

                    number         Total pledged

Signed up           29 (63%)       $268,000 (89%)
Not signed          17 (37%)        $33,200 (11%)

A bit of analysis:

     I think that part of the explanation for the disparity in both numbers
and amounts has to do with the reasons why many supporters are still not
signed up. While I did not ask for it, in their reply to my poll, most
pledgers who were not signed up gave me reasons why. The reasons given were
youth (and therefore very low "salvageable" mortality rate), the generally
perceived low chance of cryonics working (which was also the reason for their
support of the Prometheus Project), and distance from major cryonics centers.
Several said that if the Prometheus Project is successful, they will sign up.
Both the distance and the youth factors may partly explain the smaller
pledges by those not signed up, and may also preclude many such supporters
from pledging at all. However, *some* signed up cryonicists are also showing
that they are very serious about making cryonics "work". I think that most
signed up cryonicists, not being on the Internet, have not yet heard about
the Prometheus Project and that partly explains why less that 5% of them have
made a pledge at this time. If the support of all the cryonics publications
is forthcoming to let their readership know about this Project, I believe
that percentage will increase greatly over the next year.

-- Paul --


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