X-Message-Number: 6738
Date: 13 Aug 96 02:10:31 EDT
From: Paul Wakfer <>
Subject: Prometheus and others Anonymous Smear

     This is to inform everyone that none of the people on the list at the
end of Cryomsg 6732 had anything to do with posting that message. Personally,
I would never taken part in any form of MLM. They are simply not they way I
want to do business. I *never* buy lottery tickets and I am probably one of
the few people who has been to Las Vegas several times but has never gambled
or even put so much as a nickel into a slot machine.
     In fact, I would like to take this opportunity to also tell readers that
I have never been involved with any form of "marketing" (unless you count
less than a year as President of the Libertarian Party of Canada in 1978-1979
and a few attempts to sell cryonics at various meetings). I am a former
professor of Mathematics, scientist and self taught computer engineer and
businessman. I never had to market my computer business, because I had more
customers than I could handle just by information about the quality of my
services passing from customer to customer. So any "marketing" which I do
with regard to the Prometheus Project is simply an honest, common sense
approach to providing information and trying to persuade people to pledge to
support what I truly believe is an extremely worthwhile goal. Acting as a
salesman is very foreign to my personality and mental nature. The *only*
reason that I am doing the work for this Project is that I want to live and I
believe that my chances are just too damned small if the Prometheus Project
does not get accomplished.
     Whoever sent the anonymous message obviously copied my sig lines and
address phone information from one of my messages. BTW, since Saturday my sig
lines contain the California number 909-481-9620 instead of 909-481-4433.

-- Paul --


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