X-Message-Number: 6746
Date: 14 Aug 1996 06:25:45 U
From: "Norton, Brook" <>
Subject: filtering anonymous

Kevin Brown said:

Yet another idea is to filter automatically any postings from the
one-way anon remailers.  There is some justice to that, I think,
and even a practical advantage.  The "justice" in requiring postings
to have a return address is that people who just got splattered with
the latest productions of Mr. PooPoo do not have to just sit and suffer;
they can shoot straight back at their attacker in private email (without
disrupting the list).  The practical advantage is exactly the same,
except that we call it "taking the discussion off-line".

I think that filtering one-way anaon remailers is good way to go.  That's my

Brook Norton

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