X-Message-Number: 675
Date: 20 Mar 92 09:12:23 EST
From: "Russell E. Whitaker" <>
Subject: CRYONICS: Cryonics BBS?

20 March 1992/372pno

Last year, when I was still living in the U.S., I logged on several
times to the BBS of Joe Dumanov, who had devoted a large section 
of the board to cryonics coverage.

He was setting up a cryonics "echo" for networking messages to
cooperating BBSs in the nearby region, around New York and New
Jersey, and seemed to be doing well.

Living in England now, I don't use anything but CompuServe and
AMIX.  So, I've dropped out of touch with Joe.  Has anyone here
checked his "New Worlds BBS" out?  The number is 201-729-9538, and
supports speeds up to 9600 bps, as of last year.

I would really be interested to know from any readers here how
it might be making out, and what new network connections have 
been made to it.

Freedom, immortality, and the stars,

Russell E. Whitaker                     
Communications Editor                   AMIX: RWHITAKER
EXTROPY: The Journal of Transhumanist Thought
Board member, Extropy Institute (ExI)

[ Russell, I log onto Joe Dumanov's BBS about once a week.  He actually has
  two phone numbers (201) 729-9538 for 9600 baud and (201) 726-0038 for
  1200/2400 baud.  (Both are N-8-1 and, yes, they really are on different
  exchanges: 729 and 726.)
  His cryonics conference is echo-mailed to some local BBS's but I haven't
  heard of any success yet getting it on the Sound-of-Music BBS, which is
  the big hub in Long Island.  Joe has offered his PCBoard Cryonics setup
  free to anyone who already has a registered version of PCBoard and wants
  to set up a Cryonics Conference.  (Message #375 first described Joe's
  offer.)  FYI: His BBS is well-stocked with interesting files and has
  over 25 conferences. - KQB ]

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