X-Message-Number: 6752
Date: 15 Aug 96 00:40:36 EDT
From: Carlos Mondragon <>
Subject: Correction-Comment

	A few days ago, mention was made here of an article about the Timothy
Leary case by Charles Platt which was to be published in his organizaiton's
newsletter and which was already on the the web.  There is an assertion in that
article which I feel compelled to contradict:

"..... Our biggest mistake was in imagining that CryoCare could somehow reap a
reward from its association with Timothy Leary. Like Alcor before us, we
accepted Leary at a discount because he was the most famous person who had ever

signed publicly with a cryonics organization.  .....  I had hoped his fame could
promote CryoCare and cryonics in general"

Alcor had not accepted Timothy Leary at a discount.  When he entered our sign-up
process, he met our minimum funding requirement for neurosuspension.  When we
raised our minimums, he, like all other members at the time was "grandfathered"
at the old rate.  We *did* allow an unusual funding mechanism by soliciting and
getting pledges from other members to make up the difference between Leary's
insurance proceeds and the required minimum.  We did this because we respected
and admired Timothy.  I can attest to all this from first hand knowledge.

	I have no reason to doubt any of the other factual statements in the
article. It was a well written piece, richly descriptive, and in its

interpretive context, much more revealing of the author's character than of that
of his subjects.

Carlos Mondragon
Director & President Emeritus, Alcor Foundation

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