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Date: 23 Mar 92 09:19:47 EST
From: "Russell E. Whitaker" <>
Subject: Alcor UK "February" meeting minutes

Minutes of the Alcor UK meeting, Sunday 26 Jan 1992, held at the
Alcor UK Ltd. facility in Eastbourne, England

This is the "February" meeting, held one week early to accommodate
the schedules of several members.

Present were:
  Russell E. Whitaker
  Michael Clive Price
  Stephen Whitrow
  Andrew Clifford
  Steve Strong
  Alan Sinclair

Meeting started at 1110

1.) Discussion of the minutes of the December meeting, which had not
been posted to members not on email services.  Mike Price will give 
Steve Whitrow a postal mailing list for mailing copies, as Mike
does not have access to a printer at the moment.

2.) Discussion of funds: our Girobank account is no longer active, but
will be held in reserve, should the occasion arise that we need it.  Our
primary account will be moved to another bank after changing the account
name; see #6 below.

3.) Andrew Clifford noted that members should keep records of expenditures
paid out by individuals to cover Alcor UK expenses, for possible future
reimbursement, should future operating revenues allow for this. Noted by

4.) Stephen Whitrow will landmail out these and the last minutes.

5.) Mike Price will email the local postal distribution list of members
to Stephen Whitrow and Russell Whitaker.

6.) There was some discussion on the financial and tax structure of the
Human Organ Preservation Research Society, the organization set up to
handle certain classes of expenses for the local Alcor membership.

7.) Russell Whitaker received a list of UK Alcor members, and a much
longer list of those who have received Alcor literature, given him by
Joe Hovey at Alcor Life Extension Foundation, on his recent visit to
the United States.  He will type the names into an ASCII file, and distribute
the resulting list to Alcor UK officers, preferentially by electronic
mail; other officers will receive the list via fax and/or post.

8.) Garret Smyth volunteered to get back in touch with the person in the
Midlands who recently did some research into Alcor-favorable insurance
companies and agents.

9.) Several people in the Midlands region have expressed interest in Alcor;
information has been sent to them, and a followup will be needed later.

10.) It was agreed that once #7, above, is completed, that we would
send out notes to the local membership, and prospects, reminding people
we hadn't forgotten about them, and would welcome their participation.

11.) Russell Whitaker mentioned some Continental prospects, in Germany,
Switzerland, and France, who had expressed interest in Alcor, and who
subsequently have been sent information packs from Alcor in the U.S.

12.) We have received no feedback from Carlos Mondragon about the
projected shipping costs of the A-9000 storage dewar previously offered
to us.

13.) 2300 pounds is still claimed owed by Alan Sinclair, to Alcor US,
but a recent conversation between Carlos Mondragon and Russell Whitaker
indicates this may not be the case.

14.) Announcements for Alcor UK monthly now appear regularly in *Cryonics*
magazine, as the result of Mike Price's recent email of a text template
to Alcor in Riverside.

15.) There was some discussion of recruitment via JANET email in the UK;
Steve Strong will send JANET addresses and newsgroup info to Russell, and
both will mount an email campaign to spread Alcor information, including
invitations to attend local meetings.

16.) There was some discussion of how Steve Strong found out about cryonics
through email.  Steve commented that he might not have discovered it,
otherwise, though he considers himself to be quite well-read.  It is worth
noting that Steve had never heard of cryonics in the UK before, which
shows that media coverage could be much greater than it currently is,
with a corresponding increase in new propects.

17.) Russell Whitaker will finish the local Alcor newsletter, and will
incorporate the recent article written by Steve Whitrow.

18.) Andrew Clifford expressed interest in picking up a CompuServe
account, in order to keep up with Kevin Brown's cryonet news; Russell
Whitaker will have CompuServe send him signup information from their
office in Bristol.

19.) There was some discussion on Russell Whitaker's recent efforts to
find relatively inexpensive pagers for local "on-call" transport team
members.  His recent trip to Los Angeles revealed that basic pagers were,
indeed, far less expensive to purchase, but that a frequency crystal
conversion to the UK standard of 454.825 MHz would increase the price
enormously, negating the advantages of that option against the alternative
of simply buying or renting pagers locally.  He will continue his
search locally.

20.) Copies of the lab keys are still needed for local officers.  Mike
Price will make 4 copies for local distribution, and 1 copy will be sent
to Alcor in Riverside.

21.) Alan Sinclair resigned as President, but will still send out
information packs to those who request.  The new President is Andrew
Clifford. The office of Vice President is now optional, and will remain
unfilled until needed.

22.) Russell Whitaker asked about the status of the the "Scarfe on Death"
BBC programme filmed in December at the facility, and inquired if Gerald
Scarfe had followed through on his promise to keep us informed of progress
in its production.  No one has yet been contacted.
23.) We need copies of the facility ownership paperwork from the solicitor
involved in the transfer and apportionment, showing individual financial

24.) Andrew Clifford suggested that individual members present replenish
our working bank account with a couple of hundred pounds each.

25.) Alan Sinclair will change the name on the electricity billing from
Alcor UK to Human Organ Preservation Research Society.

26.) There was some discussion of a local undertaker who is interested in
offering cryonics as a "funeral" option.

Meeting ended at 1315

Respectfully submitted,

Russell Earl Whitaker
Recording secretary
[With some amendments and corrections added by Mike Price 22 Mar 92 - REW]

    Alcor Life Extension Foundation, email
    Alan Sinclair, fax
    Post to local membership

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