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Date: Sat, 17 Aug 1996 23:50:20 -0400
From: Brent Fox <>
Subject: Fee for CryoNet

In message #6759 Charles Platt wrote the following:

>I like Tim Freeman's idea of offering a cleaned-up version of CryoNet as 
>a service for which subscribers would pay a fee. Unfortunately however 
>this misses the point (for me, anyway). I don't just want to block idiot 
>posts from my own computer; I'd like to see them blocked from CryoNet 
>generally, because they present such a bad image of cryonics to the world 
>at large. 

Charging for CryoNet is a bad idea.  There has to be a better solution than
just changing CryoNet to a censored "members only" list.  The simplest
solution is for CryoNet to refuse any anonymous posts.

Someone brought up the scenario that a person might use a anon remailer
to enlighten people about some serious wrongs going on in a cryonics
company, etc.  The way I see it is that if a person has sufficient
evidence (not the kind generated by the rumor mill) then he/she needs
to find the courage to speak out publicly, or just keep their mouth shut.

Charging a fee for CryoNet would probably just dissuade the casual reader
from receiving it.  This would be a diservice especially if that person's
interest in cryonics might have grown into involvement.  CryoNet needs to
remain an accessible vehicle for the discussion, information, and promotion
of cryonics.

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