X-Message-Number: 6770
Date: Mon, 19 Aug 1996 03:37:01, -0500
Subject: paying for Cryonet

In message #6764 Brent Fox wrote:

<Charging for CryoNet is a bad idea.  There has to be a better solution than..>

I would be very willing to be charged for Cryonet if the fee was put into a
trust to be used for Cryonics purposes (probably Prometheus). I don't think
this would be an imposition on the regular readers.

<Charging a fee for CryoNet would probably just dissuade the casual reader
from receiving it.>

This problem is solved by allowing new readers a limited amount of free
access initially and then drop them if they don't start paying. The casual
reader will probably drop out before the free acess period is terminated.
I would also assume that this system will also eliminate the anonymous

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