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Date:  Mon, 19 Aug 96 19:08:39 
From: Dave Pizer <>
Subject: Prometheus clarification request

>From dave pizer

Paul wrote:

> Message #6765
> Date: 18 Aug 96 04:10:12 EDT
> From: Paul Wakfer <>
> Subject: Letter to the Editor of VMN

I don't understand why a letter to the editor of VMN would go here instead 
of to VMN?

>      My thanks go to Mike Perry for his generally excellent coverage of the
> Prometheus Project in Venturist Monthly News Vol 8(7). There are, however,
> three points which I would like to correct and to clarify.
>      The "prominent cryobiologist" which you mentioned is currently acting as
> our science advisor and is very interested in the Project. It is unknown 
at > this time whether or not he will be available to be the Principal
> Investigator for the Project research.
>      The Prometheus Project does not advocate the pursuit of its research
> goal to the exclusion of any other worthwhile cryonics research or promotion.
> However, I believe that it is inappropriate for others to talk as if the
> pledged funds are in some sense *available* money which cryonics leaders
> should then decide how to spend. The fact is that these potential funds are
> not yet money available for anything, and furthermore, they would not have
> materialized except by my efforts and for the purpose of the research goal
> which has been set for the Prometheus Project. If others wish to raise funds
> for their own pet research or other cryonics promoting purposes, they are of
> course entirely welcome to try.
>      Finally, I have never called for the Prometheus Project to be "a joint
> effort involving different cryonics groups". Before starting the Project I
> was well aware of the cryonics organizations' "tradition of fierce
> independence" and their lack of cooperation towards one another. That is 
why > it was made a Project of individual cryonicists and life-extensionists
> completely independent of the cryonics organizations and not needing them to
> cooperate with each other. 

Paul, perhaps you are not aware of the excellent cooperation between the 
researchers at BioTime (many are TransTime members) and CryoSearch (many are 
Alcor members) that has been going on for some time.  Our researchers have 
been up there several times learning techniques and their scientists have 
been down here.

Alcor also has excellent relationships with CI and CI has a wonderful 
relationship of sharing much of its research with everyone else.

Alcor recently let a recearch-development person from one of the 
organizations in Rancho Cucamonga copy their highly advanced rescue cart 
which took Alcor's Hugh Hixon 2 years to design and make.

I hope that things will get even better in the future.  

>ll that has been asked of the organizations is:
> 1) that they should publicize Prometheus Project information and carry the
> schedule of public meetings as it is available, and 2) that for the benefit
> of themselves and their members, they should be willing to accept donation
> pledges and to make share purchases with the resulting donations when the
> time comes for the Project to begin.

Dave Pizer

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