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From: M.Paulle
Subject: Worldwide Bedford Freezing Celebration

You probably have heard of the upcoming celebration of the 25th Anniversary
of the freezing of Dr. James Bedford to take place in Ontario, California
(near Alcor in Riverside) on Saturday, April 4.  (This event also celebrates
the 20th Anniversary of Alcor.  Message #570 of Dec. 6, 1991 gives details.)
I have appended below a message I received today from Michael Paulle,
who suggests extending worldwide the celebration of Dr. Bedford's freezing.
FYI: You can reply to him via email at either:
He is interested in finding other forums (such as USENET) for propagating
his idea.
                                           - KQB
March 26, 1992

The following press release was approved for distribution by Carlos
[Mondragon - KQB].  It's an attempt to generate some publicity, no matter
how insignificant, for the 25th Anniversary of the suspension of
Dr. James Bedford.


  For further information contact:
  Michael Paulle (212) 340-8060
                                                 For Immediate Release
  25th Anniversary of 1st Frozen Man
  Dr. James Bedford, a noted psychologist and member of the family that
  founded Bedford, Massachusetts, was the first man to be placed in low
  temperature suspended animation with the expectation of future revival.
  The celebration of the 25th Anniversary of this far-sighted event will
  be held Saturday, April 4th in New York City and concurrently by
  cryonicists worldwide who expect that Dr. Bedford, and the many more like
  him who have been suspended since, can eventually be revived through
  future advances in medical science.
  The celebration is open to the public and press in New York City.
  All who are intereseted please contact Michael Paulle at (212) 340-8060
  or by fax at (212) 262-0175.
  Press interviews available upon request.


The New York Chapter [ie. Alcor New York - KQB], in order to celebrate
this landmark occasion, is having a special dinner on Saturday evening
at a restaurant near our regular meeting place.  The press has been

It is my feeling that we, as cryonicists with whichever group, should
gather together wherever we can April 4th, to have a worldwide celebration
of this event.  It's important to create a sense of worldwide communion
(for lack of a better word) at least one day a year.  We seldom get to
feel the union we have worked so hard to create.  This could be a vehicle.

Eventually, I'll be pushing for an International holiday to honor the
past and future life affirming pioneers who have and will choose to
attempt to be revived rather than submit meekly to death.

Let's call it "LIFE DAY".

The campaign to establish our day, I feel safe to say, will take at
least 20 years, probably much longer.  So I'd appreciate any help I can
get.  I know how much we cryonicists love to argue over every point,
so, I'm sure, all this will have its metamorphism over time.

Please let me hear from you.

Love as always,

Michael Paulle

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