X-Message-Number: 6785
Date: 21 Aug 96 22:25:05 EDT
From: Paul Wakfer <>
Subject: Re: Prometheus clarification request

In Cryomsg #6774 Dave Pizer wrote:
>I don't understand why a letter to the editor of VMN would go here instead 
>of to VMN?

Sorry about the subject of the posting. I did send the message to Mike Perry
editor of VMN and he has already informed me that it will be included in the
next issue. I thought that the information (and the publicity for VMN) would
be valuable and of interest to those on CryoNet and sci.cryonics (where I
*did* change the subject text).

In answer to Dave's specific point, the phrase "'tradition of fierce 
independence' and their lack of cooperation towards one another" was a quote
and paraphrase of what Mike Perry had written in VMN. (The complete sentence
from VMN is: "One difficulty, of course, is that the Project is to be a joint
effort involving different cryonics groups and their membership, which, as we
well know, have a tradition of fierce independence and an unwillingness to
commit themselves in this way.") I was simply being agreeable and explaining
how I had planned around that "difficulty".

It was most heartening to read Dave's enumeration of the many ways in which
different cryonics organizations *are* now working together. I am sure that
this bodes well for the future of the cryonics movement.

>I hope that things will get even better in the future.  

Me too.

-- Paul --


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