X-Message-Number: 6788
Date: Wed, 21 Aug 1996 23:02:14 -0700
From: Tim Freeman <>
Subject: 21st Century Medicine & liquid ventilation

I never saw the response to my question about 24th Century Medicine.
It may have been written and lost during the malicious email flooding
that happened at c2.org at about that time.

Verbally, Paul Wakfer and several other people told me that it's
really 21st Century Medicine and the wrong year in my question was
probably caused by watching too much Star Trek (which I do not
dispute).  Also, the answer to my question was basically that 21CM
funded some of Mike Darwin's dog research, and that the improvements
Mike made to his suspension protocols and the patent he described here
about liquid ventilation for cooling are both things that came (at
least in part) from 21CM.

Is this accurate?  Where does the liquid ventilation work stand?  It's
the most interesting cryonics advance I can think of in the last year
or two, so it would be interesting to have news about it.

Tim Freeman

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