X-Message-Number: 679
From: Kevin Q. Brown
Subject: Re: Worldwide Bedford Freezing Celebration 
Date: 27 Mar 1992

Subject: CRYONICS Re: Worldwide Bedford Freezing Celebration 

With due respect to Michael Paulle, I was not quite satisfied with
"Life Day" as the name for the annual celebration of the freezing
of Dr. James Bedford.  My first alternative was "BioStasis Day".
That may sound good to those in-the-know but is likely to sound too
technical / nerdish to have much popular appeal.  Also, it's just a
fancy way of saying "Anti-Death Day" and I think that the name should
promote working toward something positive rather than avoiding something

So how about "Long Life Day" rather than just "Life Day" for the name
of the April 4 holiday?  That conveys even more strongly what
cryonicists aim to achieve.  It also is a universally understood and
(almost) universally desired goal, so it should have a lot of popular
appeal.  (We just add our own twist to it!)  Another benefit is that
it avoids a problem with the name "Life Day", which could be confused
as a cover for some "Anti-Abortion Day", which is an entirely different
subject.  Comments?
                              Kevin Q. Brown
                              UUCP        ...att!whscad1!kqb

PS: I just heard from Michael, who suggested changing "Long Life Day" to
    "LongLife Day", a subtle distinction to help "connote that the
    suspension time is still a part of Life."

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