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Subject: Re: Promethus vs. Public mentality
Date: 22 Aug 1996 17:58:57 -0700
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It is also worth noting that neurosuspension is the best-known,
least-understood and most-ridiculed aspect of modern cryonics.

By best known, I mean that if a member of the public is aware of
cryonics beyond the "push a button to wake up" Star Trek level,
they will say, "Oh, that's where they freeze your head, right"

By least-understood and most-ridiculed, I mean that the people who
know this much then feel they known enough to dismiss it as quackery.
"Freezing just your head. Get real!"

The unfortunate thing about prometheus is that it is of course a
project for neurosuspension.   So while it would, if successful, do wonders
for the credibility of cryonics in some circles, in others it would simply
add to the ridicule.

Ie. among those who think cryonics is silly because of neurosuspension rather
than disbelief that some future technology will be able to repair the brain,
their opinion will not be changed by prometheus.  Indeed the publicity given
to neurosuspension by a successful promoetheus would in fact have certain
negative PR aspects.
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