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From: Kevin Q. Brown
Subject: Venturist Camp-Out / Retreat 
Date: 8 Mar 1989

The March 1989 issue of Venturist Monthly News included an insert announcing
a July 4 weekend Venturist get-together in Arizona.  Both this and the Memorial
Day weekend gathering for CryoFest 1989 [message #58] are good opportunities
to meet other cryonicists.  I have appended the announcement below.
                                       - Kevin Q. Brown

Dear Fellow Cryonicists:

We are planning a camp-out retreat over the July 4th Holiday this year at my
cabin in Oak Creek Canyon near Sedona, Arizona.  The Oak Creek Canyon / Sedona
area is one of the most magnificent sanctuaries in the world.  Sedona / Oak
Creek Canyon is located about 2 hours drive north of Phoenix, 6 hours from
Riverside, CA and 10+ hours from San Francisco.  The cabin is on a 7 acre
retreat under giant sycamores and next to a crystalline, pure creek.  We have
several events planned to ensure that everyone has fun: hiking, fishing,
swimming, perhaps a one day group trip to the Grand Canyon, but most of all a
chance to get together with other cryonicists for fun, discussions and
brain-storming.  Time is ticking away and if we want to build up the movement,
we need to get together to exchange ideas and make plans.

The beds in the bedrooms will be available on a first come first served bases,
but most of us will have to sleep on the floor (like a slumber party) or in
tents.  Even those who sleep in tents will have the use of bath rooms, etc.
Also, you are invited to come in your motorhome, camper-van or camp trailer.
The weather is balmy and mild.  The only charge for this event is for the
meals and beverages which will be $15.00 per day, (unless you want to rent a
room at a nearby motel).  Please bring your bedroll and a tent if you have one.
If you would like to be guaranteed to have your own room at your own additional
expense, here is a list of close-by motels:  (area code 602)

Briar Patch  282-2343                      Don Hoels cabins 282-3560
Kelly Inn    282-3100 (800-531-9010)       Kings Ransom     282-7151
La Vista     282-7301                      Lomacasi         282-7912
Oak Creek Terrace 282-3562                 Poco Diablo      282-7333
Sedona Motel 282-7187                      Star Motel       282-3641
Slide Rock Lodge 282-3531                  Terracotta       282-7723

Guests are invited to arrive at my house on Saturday July 1st from noon on,
and we will break up Tuesday July 4th in the afternoon.  You, your friends, and
family are invited to attend all 4 days or as many days as you can make it.
The schedule is tentatively set as follows:

Saturday July 1st
Noon to 5:00 PM Arrival and informal gathering
5:00 dinner
7:00 campfire discussion

Sunday July 2nd
7:30 breakfast
8:00 hike down Westfork, a most stunning, easy walk along a hidden, virgin
     and most exquisite tributary of Oak Creek.  Easy walking and magnificent,
     rare scenery.
Noon back at cabin for lunch
1:00 free time (fish, swim in creek, play games {bring some games like: horse
     shoes, volleyball, badmitten, Trivial Pursuit, etc.}, hike, go into town
     and see world famous replica of old Mexico village, Telaquepaque.  Or,
     tour the magnificent Sedona red rock area).
4:00 group discussion
6:00 dinner
7:30 campfire discussion

Monday July 3rd
7:00 breakfast
8:00 Motor-trip and hike in Grand Canyon led by experienced hiking guide, David
     Brandt-Erichsen.  He states that he knows an easy trip, on the most
     beautiful trail in the canyon, that anyone can make.  Those who don't want
     to go to the Grand Canyon can make a day of it shopping in world famous
6:00 dinner
7:30 campfire discussion

Tuesday July 4th
7:00 short hike-walk from cabin
8:00 breakfast
9:00 discussion
11:00 short ride to Slide Rock Park for swimming and lunch.
2:00 return to cabin, pack up and leave.

I invite you to call me at (602) 843-7284 or write to the address below and let
me know if you can attend (I will send you a map) and to pass on any ideas that
you have that can make this an exceptional holiday.
                                      David S. Pizer
                                      1355 E. Peoria Ave.
                                      Phoenix, AZ 85020

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