X-Message-Number: 684
Date: 29 Mar 92 02:01:32 EST
From: Thomas Donaldson <>
Subject: Re: cryonics: #682 - #683

I'd leave it to TT to work out what its best deal is. My personal feeling
is that (for a variety of reasons) the kind of disaster you describe won't
happen ... and knowing some of the people who are principals of ACS and TT,
they still want to remain in this area for a while and therefore have
essentially no choice.

I don't mean that you are necessarily wrong ... just that it may be the
best deal TT can get, full stop.

Incidentally the reasons you describe, given especially that Alcor has
grown enough to actually PAY its officers a living wage, work MUCH better
in the case of Alcor. I hope that Pizer can organize a real estate deal for
Alcor as his recent mailing suggests. And yes, I'm interested in that one
too (but again want to hear a good deal more about it).

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