X-Message-Number: 687
From: Kevin Q. Brown
Subject: Errata (Re: Trans Time Stock & Facility) 
Date: 30 Mar 1992

Subject: Errata

The disclaimer in front of message #681:

  [ Note: The following message is presented FYI only.  As noted in
    previous messages, the cryonics mailing list cannot endorse any
    particular investment method, so any investments mentioned are
    not to be interpreted as solicitations. - KQB ]

was immediately followed by some text that nearly (if not completely)
contradicted it.  The next few lines should have said:

  March 26, 1992

      [ Investment proposal text removed. - KQB ]

    Let me inform you of some important recent developments ...

My apologies for not completing this bit of editorialship before
Friday night's mailblast to the mailing list started.
(Much trouble could have been avoided...)
                                  Kevin Q. Brown
                                  UUCP        ...att!whscad1!kqb

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