X-Message-Number: 688
Date: 29 Mar 92 22:17:05 EST
From: Thomas Donaldson <>
Subject: Re: cryonics: #684 - #685

Mr. Metzger:

To start, I left ACS in 1985 not exactly because of financial irregular-
ities but because of issues only cryonicists would understand.

HOWEVER, I think you jump to much to conclusions. TT has sold stock under
various legal restrictions for years. I have the actual offering with me,
and it conforms with all known requirements. The point is that TT is a
very small company, with stock sales restricted only to those who follow
it closely, BY LAW. To get a set of investment bankers to release stock
in such a setup would be absurd, and in fact isn't legally necessary. It
would be absurd because the customers, in this case, would know a great
deal more about the company than the bankers --- a nice reversal.

While I feel that Alcor is presently the best choice for anyone wanting
to arrange for their suspension, I still watch ACS and TT with great 
interest. As cryonicists we NEED to have more than one society. Ultimately
other societies form a backup for us if our own runs into trouble. Who can
prove that Alcor will always remain ahead?
					Thomas Donaldson

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