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Date: Mon, 30 Mar 92 14:41:50 -0800
Subject: Response to #685, Perry Metzger

Re:  Response to #685, Perry Metzger

Perry Metzger states that "... by making an offering without
appropriate disclaimers you have just violated about a dozen
securities laws."

Mr. Metzger is just wrong.  We do not even need an Offering Notice
to sell our securities.  We have prepared the Offering Notice
because:  (1) Anyone buying securities deserves to know exactly
what he is getting into, and (2) for our own protection;  we
require any purchaser to sign a statement that he has read the
Offering Notice.

Mr. Metzger also states "I also wonder whether or not the
securities in question are properly registered.  If they aren't,
you've just violated a whole other bunch of laws."

These securities fall under the California Corporations Code
21502(f) Limited Offering Exemption, and under the SEC Regulation
D Rule 504 Limited Offering Exemption.  If you keep your offerings
small enough, you can avoid substantial red tape.

Yes, Trans Time has attorneys (one of whom prepared the Offering
Notice), and yes, Trans Time keeps its nose clean.  We have had no
trouble with the law while operating for 20 years in California, 
where cryonics in general and another cryonics organization in particular 
have come under intense scrutiny by the officialdom.

Art Quaife
Trans Time, Inc.

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