X-Message-Number: 691
Date: 31 Mar 92 01:56:44 EST
From: Thomas Donaldson <>
Subject: Re: cryonics: #686 - #689

Dear Art:

While I support your comments about TT's share offering, you end them
with a VERY disappointing half truth on another separate matter. You 
yourself know very well the circumstances with Dora Kent. Moreover,
you know or should know that if Alcor falls due to government action,
ACS (and so TT) will not be far behind. And if you do not see this, and
aren't following the legal developments closely, then your share offer
suffers badly from the problem that the President of TT has no understand-
ing of his own industry. (I don't think that's true, of course, but there
is essentially no need to slip in the comment you made).

I hope this was simply a minor lapse. Best & long life,

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