X-Message-Number: 693
Date: Mon, 30 Mar 92 21:18:10 EST
From:  (Perry E. Metzger)
Subject: cryonics: #686 - #689

   from Thomas Donaldson <>
   Message-Subject: Re: cryonics: #684 - #685

   Mr. Metzger:

   To start, I left ACS in 1985 not exactly because of financial irregular-
   ities but because of issues only cryonicists would understand.

   HOWEVER, I think you jump to much to conclusions. TT has sold stock under
   various legal restrictions for years. I have the actual offering with me,
   and it conforms with all known requirements. 

The problem is that Mr. Quaife made a second offering to Cryonics,
unintentionally, by failing to prepend the standard legal disclaimers.
Disclaimers on the net are usually a joke, but the ones you see in the
paper saying "this is not an offering, which may be made only by
prospectus" are DEADLY serious. That second offering did NOT conform
to the securities laws.

DISCLAIMER: this is all my PERSONAL opinion. This message has nothing
whatsoever to do with my employer, Lehman Brothers, or its parent
company, Shearson Lehman Brothers. I am not a lawyer, and my opinions
are simply commentary upon the situation based on personal experience.
I do not, and legally cannot, pass judgement upon the suitability of
the securities in question in any way.

Perry Metzger

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