X-Message-Number: 694
Date: 01 Apr 92 01:23:30 EST
From: Thomas Donaldson <>
Subject: Re: cryonics: #690 - #693

Thanks for your comments. Yes, it will be interesting to see what 
happens here; needless to say, everything depends on whether the
SEC chooses to bother (1) and whether they CAN bother (2).

TT is however a company only able to sell shares to a limited 
group of people. It's not obvious to me that even you would qualify.
In that sense I'm not clear as to whether TT really compares to the
"small companies no bigger than TT" that you are looking at for your
own portfolio.

Of course I (and I hope you) would like very much to hear the word of
a lawyer on this issue. I hope in particular that Art would discuss
your points in more depth; given the very strong restrictions on sale
of TT stock, I would like to hear from a lawyer on the very points you

Perhaps because I've known TT for years, and actually own TT stock, I
assumed that his notice was news only and not an offering in any legal
sense. Certainly if you or many others wrote in to buy shares, you would
receive your check back by return mail, probably with a letter of regret
that you don't qualify. (Nothing personal). Perhaps SEC regulations are
so heavy that Art has transgressed; all I can say to that is that knowing
Art it was not deliberate, and that I would like someone following these
messages, who IS legally qualified, to speak up on the issue.

Well, whoever you are?????

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