X-Message-Number: 695
Date: 02 Apr 92 09:54:29 EST
From: Michael <>
Subject: Thanks to ACS & the I.A.C.O.    

Dear Edgar and ACS,

My appreciation to you all for understanding the spirit and intent 
of the worldwide 25th anniversary celebration April 4th. I'm sure 
with your involvement we have created a tradition that will be observed
It's important that we hang together or we'll hang separately. The world
isn't impressed with us yet and maybe it won't be until we are more impressed 
with our collective selves. 
Someday soon there will be many more than just three cryonics organizations
in the world and the potential for abuse is well known. The current three
organizations have to set standards of behavior that the new organizations,
many working out of garages or warehouses will have to live up to or they will
fail to receive our accredidation. 
In this way, we will have a way of protecting ourselves and our uninsured 
board members from class action suits involving the whole industry.

I suggest we form an International Association of Cryonics Organizations
with the current members "grandfathered". No dues, no meetings, just a 
presence for the press. As new groups form, we can withold accredidation
until their facilities and procedures are checked out. This protects us 
somewhat from a slanderous and lazy press that would lump us all together
as con artists and exploiters of the bereaved.

As I deal with the press daily in my position with Alcor, New York and I am 
far removed from the politics of California. I suggest that ACS, TT and CI
along with Alcor consider sending me some info packets that I can distribute
to interested press requests in an unaligned manner as the representative of 
the I.A.C.O., the International Association of Cryonics Organizations.
I have a good address for such purposes in midtown Manhattan within blocks
of NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox, The New York Times, et al.
Please reply with any comments. I need your feedback to be effective.

My best as always,

Michael Paulle

[ Michael, Message #221 (Part 2 of my two-part report on the Aug. 24-26, 1990
  Conference on Biostasis & Reentry) has a short description of a FOCS
  (Federation of Cryonics Societies) meeting, which, I think, had similar
  goals.  (Note: This short description was learned second or third hand,
  and may not be entirely accurate.)  Somehow, FOCS just didn't take off,
  but maybe the situation is different now.  Perhaps the leaders of the
  various cryonics organizations who attended that FOCS meeting can fill
  you in on that. - KQB ]

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