X-Message-Number: 7080
Date: Sat, 26 Oct 1996 14:51:00, -0500
Subject: Saving for the Future

Steve Bridge writes:

<Liechtenstein-based Prometh is now offering "reincarnation accounts" for
the rich who'd rather not start from scratch the next time around.  This
"seed capital for your next life" (minimum $130,000) is redeemable within
23 years of death >

The 23 years limit puzzles me. Does anyone reading this message believe
they will be re-animated within 23 years of their de-animation ?. Perhaps
this offer is intended for people who have a belief in the more classical
meaning of the word 'reincarnation'.

<-- providing that the new you knows the name of your first parakeet and
other personal facts.>

Assumming this offer is directed at cryonicists, how can one expect to keep
a password secret. Any technology that is capable of rebuilding a brain is
surely capable of extracting any secret information.
We can argue that because we have enough confidence in our respective
organizations to put our future existence in their hands then it follows
that we can trust them not to misuse this confidence by extracting secret
information. If this is the case then a better alternative to investing in
'Prometh' is to invest in our cryonics organization with the understanding
that we will be reimbursed on re-animation.
Having said that, does anyone believe that  our capitalist economic system
will survive into the future ?. Can we really expect to sleep while our
assets acummulate, and return in an advantagious financial position so we
can let our assets 'work for us' while others provide for our needs. It
just won't happen.

Ron S

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