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Date: Mon, 16 Dec 1996 14:14:49 +0100
From: John de Rivaz <>
Subject: The Horror of an Extended Life

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> From: Charles Platt <>
> Subject: The Horror of an Extended Life
> On Sun, 15 Dec 1996, Olaf Henny wrote:
> Recently I asked several editors if they would be interested in a book
> about computational molecular biology, the relatively new science in which
> computational techniques are applied, in particular, to the human genome,
> to sort and compare sequences with the possibility of ultimately
> "reprogramming" them. The unanimous response was that such a book would
> have to be a "grim warning" rather than a "utopian promise" because the
> utopian version would only sell to a small number of techno-nuts, while
> the grim warning would appeal to the mass market. (Needless to say, I 
> declined to write the grim warning.)

How about a grim warning, stating that we all face a terrible disease that 
will kill us. Only later in the book, after describing the symptoms of 
ageing, age-related disease etc, reveal that it is "natural ageing". Then go 
on to say how gene therapy could be developed to cure it. :)

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