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Date: 27 Dec 96 12:06:43 EST
Subject: Re : Cryonet # 7356

                                                             Please dont tell
"Professor DOLINOFF".  I have been admitted and have successfully followed the
teaching of our highest scientific university (however this is called here a
"Superior School") and have teached Physics and Chemistry 22 years, but this
dont give me at all the title of professor.
                                                             When French people
ask you for information, in the same time that you give them the information
that concerns your company, please give them also my address to enable them to
be  informed in French  about the french Law and about the conditions in which
to send a body surrounded by dry ice in th States.  However, I can tell here
that - number one,  it is forbidden to give a drug nor to induce under
hypothermia an organism of which two EEG separated by several hours are not
flat, what has to be certified by three physicians out of which a Professor,

manager in an hospital service and   - number two, it is forbidden to apply to a
corpse a technique of which the aim is an indefinite storage.  The only what is
allowed is an embalming for one month or so.  And in the general case, when a
man dies, he MUST be or buried or cremated in a delay of 7 days.
                                                              Our organization
has tried to change the Law in 1970 and we have been in contact with a group of
60 deputates.  Also, a Magistrate of the Administrative Court has written a
Proposition of Law, asking out of others dispositions, that the suspended had
the status of an Incapable, allowing him to continue to be the owner of his
money and, of course, that it was possible to induce under hypothermia and
administer drugs as soon as the wanted group of three physicians notes the
cessation of breathing.  Of course, the only aim of the deputates is to have as
much electors as possible.  Thus, we have not been astonished that the first
question has been : "Very well, but how much people does  this interest ?"  Our
discussion ceased in less than one minute !
                                                               In my message #
7353, I briefly reported of 2 suspensions by the cold in France and of one in
the state of project. I told that out of these three men, nobody is interested

by the cold storage in France.  I am happy that the present message gives me the
opportunity to tell that this is a mistake : I have forgotten a fine French
lister of CRYONET.  But despite I am often in contact with him, I dont ask him
what are exactly his present ideas. But he has the time.  He is young.

                                                               Of course, anyone
                                                               is free to try to promote the concept of cold storage in France.  Of course, I
know very well the acceptance of that and I have my conclusions what about this
endeavour.  But I abstain from telling them.
          For example, in the January 1997 issue of SCIENCE ET VIE  (the french
equivalent of SCIENCE) I received to-day as a subscriber, there is a very well

written and scientifically fully correct paper on 8 pages, with much drawings in
colors, entitled : "Hibernation -  Enquiry about immortality".  And the cover
itself gives this title in big letters and represents the drawing of a man with
4 arms and 4 legs inscribed in a circle.  The paper explains very well and in
details how form the ice cristals, where, under what conditions, what
traumatisms they give, and is written with the cooperation of the greatest
French Cryobiologist who, nevertheless, is not defavourable to our Movement.
The future interventions of nanomachines are also  thoroughly discussed.  The
conclusions are very negative :
            "In one word, the desire to "restaure" the organism or the brain of
frozen human beeings is as insane as the FRANKENSTEIN's dream who pretended to
build a man from a pile of human flesh".
            My first reaction has been of course to protest energically and to
write at the intention of their "FORUM".  But I find nothing to attack

scientifically in this paper.  Yes, cristals dont appear always ; yes, they dont
always kill the cells ; yes, little frozen samples revive but because they are
little ; no, never a frozen human organ has been brought back to life.  I can
only write them :             "Nobody knows if the chances are equal to zero.
Let try the only possibility to those who want."
            I shall write, but I doubt if it is useful and dont know if such an

argument is in our favour.              I shall send a copy of this paper to all
who will ask me one.  Of course, give me please your postal address.


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