X-Message-Number: 7367
Date: Fri, 27 Dec 1996 15:12:30 -0800
From: Tim Freeman <>
Subject: I'm glad I'll be edited...

From: Steve Bridge <>
>OTOH, in our experience, radio programs result in the fewest number of
>actual member sign-ups; so the effect of being edited may be better
>than the effect of "being ourselves."

When the German TV people (Spiegel (sp?) TV) came to our house, I had
trouble speaking concisely and to the point when they asked questions
in front of the camera, so I'm glad they'll be editing the tape.

Maybe the cause was that they asked me the same questions on-camera as
they asked me earlier off-camera, and I tended to try to say something
different the second time around.  I can't recall my state of mind
very well, but I was somewhat embarrassed afterward.  If anyone who
can understand that tape sees it, I would very much like a report -- I
may need to change my strategy next time.  I should probably have
refused to answer the questions off-camera the first time, since it's
hard to give the same answer in a natural, spontaneous way twice.

Spontaniety is a great thing, especially if you can do it the same way
every time. :-).

Tim Freeman

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