X-Message-Number: 7487
Date: Sat, 11 Jan 1997 23:58:26 -0500
From: mark mugler <>
Subject: comment on posting 7479 by Steve Bridge

Steve raises very good points about the value of
advertising/communication/promotion that I personally agree with.  Cryonics
seems to be an incredibly hard sell -- We should be so lucky as to get a 2
percent positive response like a direct mailer does.  And of course there is
the issue of chicken and egg, that is, where are dollars invested most
wisely NOW -- in membership growth to support future technical progress, or
in technicall progress that induces membership growth?  I have swung around
to the technical progress school, or "research and demonstrate it and they
will come."  And if they don't come, at least you have improved the
technology in the meantime.

My other comment: Steve points out that if you suffer cardiac arrest
suddenly and far from the remote team, you are SOL.  I would qualify that:
you are SOL unless you have a network of people dedicated to saving each
other's lives and who have the equipment and supplies locally that are
needed to stabilize you and buy time (in which case you are "less SOL").
Organizations like the Cryonics Society of New York, the Life Extension
Society, and groups in Florida, Southern California, etc. provide or are
developing this emergency response capability.  Steve, in a recent Cryonics
article, also made this point, stating that a great share of saving your own
life rests on your own shoulders, because there is so much that must be done
locally.  Hopefully, providing this capability will induce membership growth
at the local level parallel to the effects of R&D -- buy it and they will
come.  But if they don't come, at least you have it for your own protection.

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