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Date: Sun, 12 Jan 1997 11:30:24 +0100
From: John de Rivaz <>
Subject: Re: Madonna and Cryonics

I re-posted Randy <>'s post on alt.fan.madonna to see if 
there was any measure of the veracity of the suggestion that she may be 
interested in cryonics.

This reply suggests that the story is unlikely:

Randy <> wrote:

> BTW, the Globe article said she had been telling her *friends* that she
> is looking into cryonics because she thinks whatever she eventually dies
> of will be curable in the future; therefore she will be revived. 

> Sounds sensible to me; also has the ring of truth. I think it's true!

Dude, please buy a clue. First of all, the Globe is what we euphem-
istically call a tabloid; like the Star, the Enquirer, and the Weekly
World News, almost NOTHING they report is true. Second, you don't know the
first thing about Madonna, or you'd know she doesn't think that way.

You want to know what she really thinks about death? She says it scares
her, but she believes in reincarnation, and she's sort of looking forward
to her next life. :-/ While some might say reincarnation and cryonics are
equally flaky ideas, the point is that they run in opposite directions,
and are pretty much incompatible. Belief in reincarnation is also illus-
trative of Madonna's overall personality and belief system, which is, as I
said, mostly organic-oriented and anti-tech. (And unlike you, I'm not
trying to conform my idea of Madonna to my own beliefs: she's anti-tech,
but I'm certainly not. And I think reincarnation is a crock.)

Since you call yourself "cryofan", it's obvious this is something you're
into, and I can see that, in choosing to believe this story, you're
seeking some kind of validation and/or publicity for cryonics. But as
someone who's into Madonna, I'm telling you, it ain't so. 

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