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Date: Sat, 01 Feb 1997 07:20:30 +0900
From: mizuho hirose <>
Subject: re:suggestions regarding Metamorphosis Society 

I received some advice by personal mail concerning an article I 
contributed on January 27. 
The advice I received and my reply thereon is as follows:
>Mizuhosan --
>	The Society which you described in your cryonet posting is a very
>good step in the right direction, I believe.  I would like to make a
>suggestion or two, however.

>1. The standard English term for one who is signed up for cryonics is
>"cryonicist", not "cryonist".
>2. You spoke much of investing in reanimation technology, but little of
>actually getting cryopreserved.  Without cryopreservation facilities, your
>Society members will surely be lost.  Perhaps the first business of your
>Society should be to form a cryonics organization in Japan, and provide
>suspension services to any who want them.

>3. Finally, please do not depend on nanotechnology as the only hope for
>resuscitation.  Mind uploading may ultimately prove more feasible.  For
>more information, please see:
>	   http://sunsite.unc.edu/~jstrout/uploading/
>Best wishes,
>-- Joe
>|    Joseph J. Strout           Department of Neuroscience, UCSD   |
>|               http://www-acs.ucsd.edu/~jstrout/  |

It would be nice if Japan had facilities.  However, earthquakes are 
relatively frequent in Japan.  Therefore, Japan is not a suitable 
location for the long-term conservation of facilities.
I will continue to make efforts through business and volunteer activities 
to contribute to the creation of something in Japan that can sustain 
society.  After I retire, I will emigrate to a country with stable 
facilities such as the U.S.  I am trying to acquire permanent residence.

I saw your WWW.  I am poor at English, so it will probably take me 
some time to read it.  But I will read it in its entirety without fail.  
Thank you for the kind introduction you made on my behalf.

Metamorphosis Society received mail from some people and some of
them became members. 
I appreciate your help.
Allow me to introduce myself:


My name is Mizuho Hirose. I have often considered contributing 
to the revolution of the world in some way since my childhood. 
However, none of what I tried turned out to be too satisfactory.

I encountered the foundational idea for the Metamorphosis 
Society in Mr. Kaburagi's sci-fi story submitted to a 
network. It moved me. It made me persuade Mr. Kaburagi 
to push for the realization of the Society together.

I am not doing too much other than this, but I will try 
and do as much as I can to realize the ideas.


Thank you.

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