X-Message-Number: 7609
Subject: Mail & Gaurdian
Date: Sat, 01 Feb 97 13:14:58 GMT
From:  (Michelle Olga Visser)

Refer SA Mail & Gaurdian Page 8- on Virodene, Page 26 - on ABT-378
and please note that the reporters fail to mention that the
competition "miracle drug" only performs on T-counts above 300,
and not as low as 14.

I also note that Mr. Charles Platt is not as hasty to produce the
article positive to Virodene's cause.

I as yet await a public explanation for Saul Kent's "revelation"
of the "Visser Method" cryoprotectant and technique (whether true
or false), and as to how access was supposedly gained to this.

Cryopreservation Technologies (SA) reserve the right to sue for
damages from the "publishers" sustained following these "disclosures"
damages being in whatever form they occur.
These damages extend to the Virodene P058 speculations, possible
miss use of the inn correct drug or dosage by desperate "net surfer AIDS
patients" or subsequent information, the total of which we hold Mr. Saul 
Kent et at personally responsible and liable.

The excuse of:- "I did not write it, but it came from my 
computer and was written by...is not valid.

Cryopreservation Technologies hold Saul Kent personally responsible.
Best wishes,

Zigi Visser
Cryopreservation Technologies

Phone :   +27 12 3310701 

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