X-Message-Number: 7611
Subject: No Purpose
Date: Sat, 01 Feb 97 14:10:09 GMT
From:  (Michelle Olga Visser)

<Look, if Visser would just publish her results -- I'll take a posting
<on the internet with sufficient detail to reproduce the experiments --
<As it is, Visser has taken to operating with all the stigmata of fraud -- 
<secret results, attempts to get funding from high government officials 
<without publishing results, etc, etc.

Mr. Metzger,

Please note that we have not tried to extract funds from the 
Whatever they input would be returned 1000 fold and on contractual

We have the option to sell out for 100's millions of dollars,
but choose to remain in control - simply to bring the product
to the poor at no or little cost.
This is economics you would never understand, and at present
I would advise you to count every word you type:-
I don't know if you can afford to cover the cost of 1000 patients
on clinical trials and we are inclined to collect from slanderers
to save people dying.
this is called "humanitarian".

The Cryo side of matters has nothing to do with AIDS, and I advise
you to restrict yourself to your expertise, or you will join those
who have made themselves vulnerable.

<Who cares? We are talking about VISSER here, not Charles Platt or
<anyone else.

Wrong: - you are talking of everyone who cares to comment on what does
not concern them or to that which they are not entitled to.
Take it from whence it comes.


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