X-Message-Number: 7612
Subject: Patents - Saul Kent, 21stC 
Date: Sat, 01 Feb 97 14:43:20 GMT
From:  (Michelle Olga Visser)

With regards to claims made by Kent et al on amounts of $50,000
spent on research per month, not using the "Visser cryoprotectant"
compounds under patent in view of new research, etc:-

Cryopreservation Technologies has the following public announcement 
to make:

We have for the past two years, over 1000 pure compounds and 
and additional 7015 combination of compounds under patent application
as cryopreservation agents/solutions.
This is as a direct result of the original "Visser method" cryopreservation

Any attempt of patent hi-jacking as a result of "unauthorized" information
and subsequent "conditioning" which we have seen , will be opposed and
contested in court.

Confusing the unsuspecting with the AIDS/Cryo sedation is an eye blinder,
and is intended with ulterior motives and is taken as such.

We agree that possibly only around 200 are good cryo-protectants,
but these fall into the newly defined criteria.


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