X-Message-Number: 7627
Date: 03 Feb 97 04:57:37 EST
From: Saul Kent <>
Subject: Reply To Visser

	In message #7609, Zigi Visser writes:

	"I as yet await a public explanation for Saul Kent's "revelation" of the
"Visser Method" cryoprotectant and technique...and as to how access was
supposedly gained to this."

	I gained access to the alleged name of the "Visser cryoprotectant" when
someone called me on the phone and told me the name of a compound they thought
was the "Visser cryoprotectant"  No one has ever told me anything about the
"Visser technique".

	As far as the "revelation" on Cryonet, you may hold me "personally
responsible and liable" for that "revelation", but the fact that I never wrote
it or
sent it makes it inappropriate for me to comment on it.

---Saul Kent	

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