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Date: Mon, 3 Feb 1997 09:20:49 -0700 (MST)
From: Fred Chamberlain <>
Subject: Visser Demonstration

Responding to Charles Platt's Report on the 2/2/97 Visser Demonstration:

As an attendee able to devote his full attention to documenting what went on
at the ACT Festival, Charles Platt (with a lap-top computer as a side-kick)
had an opportunity to write up events as they occurred.  With our own
presentations and duties to manage the conference, we were less able to take
care of this with the same degree of promptness.

Even now (immediately after the weekend), our first priorities are to clean
up the labs and put them (as well as the administrative areas) back into
working condition.  Our first concern at this time is making sure that we
are ready for three pending cryotransports (suspensions... one urgent and
two others less so).  In view of this, we would not have been able to report
on the conference to the CryoNet readers as rapidly. 

We thank Charles for reporting on the activities so promptly.  The ACT
Festival provided a very cooperative and congenial environment for
scientists from Alcor, BioTime, Cryonics Institute, Immortalist Society,
21CM, CryoSpan and BioPreservation to meet, talk informally, and interact
throughout the weekend as well as during the evaluation the demonstration of
Olga Visser's work.  

Inaccuracies in the objective portion of Charles Platt's report seemed to be
primarily of a minor kind, although I am sure there will be some
counterpoint.  To comment on his general conclusions, and correct one small

>Bearing all this in mind, and also bearing in mind the severe 
>freezing damage that I witnessed, I have to conclude that I 
>found absolutely no evidence in favor of Ms. Visser's 
>cryoprotectant. It's still possible, of course, that we were 
>just unlucky today, and valid results may have been obtained 

We at Alcor are equally disappointed that evidence was not produced
which promised a useful application.  For the past six months, we have
been attempting to eliminate obstacles which appeared to stand in 
the way of a successful demonstration, and had narrowed the range of
possibilities to a very few, the most likely of which was thought to
be breakdown products (toxic) which develop during storage, after 
final production/refinement by the manufacturer and distributer.

>PS. In her rat-heart experiments today (Sunday) Ms. Visser 
>used a supply of cryoprotectant that she brought with her 
>from South Africa.

A supply of the Vissers' cryoprotectant was brought to Alcor last
September, from Africa, but none on the current trip.  That supply
had thus been exposed to six months' storage since the seal
on the original bottle was opened, and it is not considered
to represent the same quality as if it had been received directly
from the distributer.

After a fresh supply of the Vissers' cryoprotectant is obtained from
the Vissers' source in South Africa, we will repeat the experiment
using it, and report the results, positive or negative, on CryoNet.

If at that point, an encouraging result is obtained, we will attempt to
reach a point where a reliable demonstration can be produced in a high
percentage of the attempts.  Otherwise, we may have to conclude that this
approach lacks sufficient promise to warrant further effort at this time. 

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