X-Message-Number: 7633
Date: Mon, 3 Feb 1997 12:58:56 -0800 (PST)
From: "Kevin Q. Brown" <>
Subject: Re: Keith Henson could endanger Cryonic efforts

In CryoNet message #7622 Jim Coetzee wrote:
> I can not understand why KQB allows Keith Henson to have a link from
> cryonet archives to his anti-scientologist web page.   . . .

You must be running low on things to complain about. :-)
I didn't even know that Keith Henson had his own web page.
Or maybe you are referring to CryoNet message #6128, in which
he refers to URL:
That's somebody else's web page, not his, even though it includes
a message that he wrote.  Furthermore, message #6128 now is so old
that it no longer resides in the CryoNet archives at cryonet.org,
although it certainly is included in Keith Lynch's complete CryoNet
archives at:

So why are you complaining to _me_ about Keith Henson's activities,
which were described on somebody else's web page and mentioned in
a CryoNet message no longer residing on my web site, and posting your
complaint publicly on CryoNet?  (You didn't even have the courtesy
to CC me on the email you sent to CryoNet.)  As you can see, the
result has been exactly the opposite of what you said you wanted.
In trying to understand your complaint I have had to search the
CryoNet archives and web pages to find that scientology-related
URL above and, since you posted your complaint to Cryonet, this
reply is going to CryoNet, too, thereby putting that URL in the
current CryoNet archives again.
If you really are concerned that Keith Henson poses a danger for
cryonics, then please first discuss it with _him_ rather than posting
a complaint to CryoNet.  And if that proves unsatisfying, perhaps
you should escalate it to the other eight Alcor directors besides him.
(FYI: CryoNet message #7484 lists Alcor's directors.)  Frankly, I
think that this Scientology paranoia displays misplaced priorities.
The real challenge that cryonics faces is perfecting reversible
cryopreservation, not remaining invisible to the Scientologists.

    Kevin Q. Brown

PS: From your comment about the detonator, I assume you are upset about
    Keith Henson's comment in CryoNet message #6668.  Frankly, he had
    an important point; perfusing someone with nitroglycerin does raise
    a safety issue.  Maybe he shouldn't have put it so bluntly, though.

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