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Date: Mon, 03 Feb 1997 12:27:54 +0100
From: John de Rivaz <>
Subject: Re: Cryonics marketing  - ethics

I wonder whether Barry Albin said that 300 people had *enquired*, and this 
got translated into 300 people signed up. The trouble is that everyone is 
working under an ever increasing pressure of time, and these mistakes are 
just too easy to make.

I got a letter today, Monday, from somene in the USA interested in fractals 
who said "No wonder you closed down Fractal Report. Whoever controls the 
investments of these 300 people must be sitting on a lot of money..." [back 
issues of FR are still available, but it is not producing new issues] He had 
heard the news on the radio.

Unfortunately this sort of optimistic news report produces all sorts of wrong 
and bad ideas.

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> Subject: Re: Cryonics marketing  - ethics
> From: Garret Smyth <>
> >On the other hand, according to the journo, big numbers make good press,
> >and a little exaggeration for a good story hurts no one. I have trouble
> >with this idea. I'd be grateful for other's input.
> The truth is expedient in this case, since anybody can use the
> internet to discover good approximations to the true numbers.
> The journalist may have been more sneaky than you think.  An article
> exposing some fraudulent cryonics numbers can be written by someone who
> encouraged the fraud in the first place, and it might be interesting
> news.
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