X-Message-Number: 7647
Date: Wed, 05 Feb 1997 23:26:13 +0900
From: mizuho hirose <>
Subject: A little addendum for Metamorphosis Society

We wonder if you have read the introductory message of 
the Metamorphosis Society we put on Jan. 27th.

We would like to make a little addendum to it to further 
your knowledge about our Society today.

As was discussed through this mailing list. 
Japan is behind in cryonics; the legislation and 
culture obstruct the advancement of cryonics here. However, 
we firmly believe that there is potential in Japan.

This Society is a product of our extensive thought and 
discussion as to what those of us who live in Japan, 
an underdeveloped cryonics country, can do for the future 
of the field. We would like to create a place to discuss 
and back up cryonics. Thus, we decided to bring the cryonics 
group you find in one of Mr.Kaburagi's sci-fi novels into 
actual being. Needless to say, there is no immediate 
guarantee that reanimation can actually happen. The Society 
is not intended for reanimation to happen in our generation 
--- I'd say maybe it's impossible --- but we are going to try 
to incease the membership so our successors can take 
our wish over and possibly make it happen.

We definitely hope that those of you who are already 
a member of other cryonics groups join us without hesitation, 
too. Please note there is no membership fee. Without 
a large number of people involved, the Society would 
stand meaningless in terms of a place to fruitfully discuss 
cryonics matters. We would also like to receive a word 
from non-members, which would propel the Society in the 
right direction.

We are very much looking forward to your participation.


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