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Date: Fri, 07 Feb 1997 00:59:00 +0900
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Subject: Addendum for Metamorphosis society part.

To Thomas:

Thank you for reply, we were encouraged very much.
But my name is Kaburagi, not Kaburage. Do not mind!

I would like to add to what has been explained about our society.
I am an associate member of Alcor.  I have not yet formally signed 
up to become a suspension member of the Alcor.  This is also the case 
with Mizuho and Yoko. (Yoko have not introduce herself to this
mailing list, but she is our member)

One of the reasons Yoko is a participating member is because there is 
no CRYONICS organization in Japan as of yet.  However, she has no 
intention of signing up at this moment.  In any case, she is 
participating in our activities. 
This is because Yoko wants to be involved in the plan of Metamorphosis
Society to gather fellow members for "creating a better future."  
This society is more a group of people interested in creating 
a better future rather than being a group 
of people interested in CRYONICS.  It is precisely because we want to 
work toward creating a better future that we feel we can pass the
torch onto future members.

Conversely, we believe that by providing people with the choice of
"reanimating our lives as if they had been experienced in the future," 
we can encourage many people to join us in our activities aimed at 
creating a better future.  Especially, by involving highly competent and 
eminent persons in our activities, we hope that our activities will gradually 
account for a force that moves society.   Being an organization with 
such views, we were pleased with the fact that nonmembers of CRYONICS 
organizations had decided to join Prometheus Project.

Ladies and gentlemen, why don't you join our soft network for people 
involved in the creation a better future?

Thank you!

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