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From: Brian Wowk <>
Date: Thu, 6 Feb 1997 11:06:33 -0600
Subject: Cows and stuff

Will Dye <> desribing a fictional 
revival from vitrification writes:

(description of complex EM rewarming equipment deleted)

	The eqipment need not be as complicated as
described.  The technology for irradiating humans with
high frequency magnetic fields (and hence electric fields
by Faraday's Law) with great uniformity is well established.
You would need a heavy duty version of a cylindrical
"bird cage" coil of the type used in whole-body MRI scanners 
operating at about 50 megahertz.

>final countdown sequence.  a malfunction.  then another.  but it's 
>too late to back out at this high of a temperature.  tensions high.  
>the researchers back away momentarily as the EM emission panels are 
>lowered into place for their final, most powerful burst.  a flash 
>of light, and the panels are quickly raised.  the stench of some 
>singed hairs is immediately evident.  the researchers look to the 
>monitors for a heartbeat, then... 

	To realistically recovery a fully-grown cow from  
deep sub-zero temperatures, you would need about one megawatt 
of RF power delivered continuously for about one minute.
There would be no singed hairs as hairs don't contain ions
to couple with the RF power, and the heating would be quite 
uniform in any case.     

>A now-live cow, mooing in anger & confusion, scrambles up, loudly 
>smashing the equipment & scattering the researchers.  she stumbles 
>off the seminar stage, out the door & into the city streets... 

	Remember that to survive descent to deep sub-zero
temperatures in the first place, the cow would have its blood
removed and about 50% of the water in its body replaced with
toxic chemicals.  It would be in no condition to hop off the
table.  The most likely scenario is RF rewarming to something
like -20'C, and then washing out of the chemicals over an
hour or more.  And then there's recovery from deep hypothermia;
several more hours, possibly followed by days in coma.

	Sorry to put such a big dent in your funny story
(and it was funny).  Good luck in reformulating it if you
choose to.

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