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Date: Mon, 10 Feb 1997 09:10:48 -0500
From: P Michaels <>
Subject: G Smyth criticism of Barry Albin

As a UK based Director of the  Cryonics Institute I was dismayed to see Mr
G Smythes comments on Barry Albins media appreances.

As Barry is not on the Net I sent him a copy  of Smythes post and told
Barry I would post any reply he might care to make.

The following is Barrys reply:
>>>>>How strange people can be when second place seems to be their lot in
life. What gives people the right to use ones name unfairly without trying
better to understand that person.
Anyone who knows anything about the media in the UK will realise comments,
and even the clearest of facts, can be distorted when endless interviews
are being conducted.
It is inevitable that with the mass media coverage  C.I. is receiving
throughout Europe that continuous points will be raised and sometimes over

As for my motives, how dare anybody in this day and age tell me how I
should run my business or conduct my life?
It is true that all profits from the Cryonics side of my business, after
disbursments, have been, and will continue to be, donated to a Foundation
which helps those in need.
Is it now a crime to help others when you have been successful in your
business ventures, or is it such a cynical world now that there must be
something wrong with someone who does just that, how sad!
People who have made truly unfounded statements on the internet are very
strange, or I'll give them the benefit of the doubt and hope I merely
misunderstand them, surely my position is very similar to that of C.I.
concerning Cryonics as they are a debt free non profit paying organisation.
 Barry Albin<<<<<

>From my point of view I have worked with Barry several times in the past 20
months in raising the European profile of the Cryonics Institute, I have
never found him anything less than honest,reliable and pleasant company.

I know that the several thousand GBP he has invested in manufacturing the
special double skinned shipping containers far outweighs any return he is
likely to see in the next decade.

We are fortunate indeed to be able to take advantage of Barry Albins
expertise and effort and I would suggest that to be critical of his stating
that the people shipped in these containers as deceased instead of
"patients" is nothing short of pusillanimous. Indeed were they not deceased
the preparation and shipping procedures would be unlawful.

As Barry is not on the Net and I have neither the time or inclination to
continue to reply to people on his behalf I list below exactly how anyone
who wishes to may contact him directly:

Telephone (UK) 0171-237-3637
Fax                (UK) 0171-252-3205

Or Postal communication to F A Albin & Sons
                                                       164 Deptford High
                                                       London SE8 3DP

Paul Michaels

************" I don't believe in Life after Death, more importantly I don't
believe in Death after Life"*****************************

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